If I Lived There
Written and Illustrated by Lisa Harrold

Lucy dreams of living somewhere exciting, but there’s a problem with every place she thinks of.

Where will she decide to live?

Louisiana Ludgate and the Lollipops
Written and Illustrated by Lisa Harrold

Louisiana Ludgate has a terribly bad habit of eating lots of lollipops.

What will it take to make her stop?

craftChristmas Colouring Book
Illustrated by Lisa Harrold

Pick up your colouring pencils and get into the Christmas spirit!

This Christmas Colouring Book features 30 festive pictures including several drawing prompts.


The Toot Fairy
Written by Andrew Woodhouse, Illustrated by Lisa Harrold

Have you ever had a gurgle in your tummy? Have you ever felt a bubble deep in side?

…well watch out! The Toot Fairy’s about!

Listen along to the book below!

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